Funny Wedding Cake Toppers: Humorous Wedding Cake Figurines

Cake toppers are important accessories in a bridal package as they symbolize the union of two souls. There are different kinds of cake toppers that you can find. Funny cake toppers can give beauty to a wedding cake and symbolize marriage. These cake toppers are customized and can represent the personality of the groom and bride.

Wrestler Cake Toppers

Wrestler Wrestling Cake Toppers

This design of funny wedding cake toppers is for couples that truly love wrestling. The cake topper is designed wearing the exact wedding apparel with added black MMA gloves with white stripes at the wrists. The bride and the groom can provide you with a funny internet meme of 2 children wrestling. Both legs of the bride are over the groom and the shoulder of the groom is pinned onto his right side. The bride holds the groom on his hands pulling it. The groom lies onto his side while his right arm is bent and his legs are splayed ad bent. The bride is lying on her back on the mat while her hair is fanned out around her head. The pose of this funny cake topper is playful as the bride and the groom are smiling brightly.

Surfboard Cake Toppers

Groom Holding Bride Up on Surfboard Wedding Cake Toppers

This funny cake topper design is perfect for couples that love the beach. The bride is on the surf board while the groom holds her up. The groom is wearing surf board shorts and his ripped abdominal muscles are exposed. Both his hands are bent at his elbows over his head. The hands of the groom are flat on the surf board and the tribal tattoo on his shoulders is clearly seen. The surf board is color blue with a white strip in the middle. The bride wears a turquoise bikini and holding a dumbbell on her hand. This cake topper figurine is set on a heart shaped base.

Airsoft Sport Wedding Cake Toppers

Airsoft Shooting Sport Toppers

Airsoft sport funny wedding cake toppers are perfect for couples who love shooting sports. The groom and the bride are standing side by side with a gun on their hands. The concept of this is they are guarding one another from enemies. The groom wears a while vest with a black tie under a white and back pinstriped tuxedo. The bride wears a strapless wedding gown. She is wearing an emerald gemstone necklace and her hair is brushed half up.

Shrek and Fiona Cake Toppers

Shrek and Fiona Cake Topper

The bride is wearing a strapless wedding gown with and pleated skirting, a sweep train and sweetheart bodice. She is wearing a royal princess crown and her hair tucked up while her ears stick out onto her sides. The bride figurine has a tattoo, a capital letter “A” on her right shoulder. The groom is wearing traditional wedding apparel.

Police Officer Wedding Cake Topper

Police Officer Wedding Cake Topper

The bride and groom in this wedding cake topper are wearing their career attire. The bride is a nurse and wearing a nurse uniform with a syringe on her hands. She is standing like a member of the Charlie’s angels. The groom is wearing complete police attire with blue stripes and a cuff down to his legs. The police uniform of the groom comes with full police markings and badges. Like the bride, the groom is holding a police pistol. The bride and groom figurine look very happy and there is a base where the date of the wedding can be imprinted.

Novelty Wedding Cake Toppers

Novelty Wedding Cake Toppers

Novelty funny wedding cake toppers are best for couples doing what they do best. The groom is wearing blue jeans and black T-shirt with an angel design. The groom also wields a light saber. The bride wears a white t-shirt with a bridal look while standing and holding a book and a wand. This wedding cake topper is designed to show what the groom and the bride truly love to do.

Runaway Bride Cake Topper

Runaway Bride Cake Topper

This wedding cake topper is designed to show the involvement of the bride and the groom in theater. The figurine stands on a brown base with a velvet curtain and with a fountain like background. The bride is holding a calla lily bouquet while hurrying from the groom. The hand of the groom is touching the right shoulder of her bride showing that he will drag her to the wedding if needed. The other hand of the groom is on his hip and smiling as if they were teasing each other in the game of chase.

Wedding Cake Topper Wheelie Motorcycle Theme

Couple Doing Wheelie Cake Toppers

The groom is doing a wheelie on his motorcycle while the bride is on her back and her hands wrapped around his back. The bride is smiling showing that she loves what the groom is doing. The pavement beneath the bike is color gray with yellow and white lines.

Stoppie Endo Front Wheelie Kissing Bride Cake Toppers

Groom Doing Endo Wedding Cake Toppers

In this motorcycle wedding cake topper theme, the groom is doing a stoppie Endo wheelie while kissing the bride. The bride figurine is facing front and her head is turned toward the groom. The hands of the bride are on her hips and it seems like she is teasing the groom to. The bride is wearing an ivory wedding gown with a straight A-line skirt and a sweetheart bodice.

Lesbian Wedding Cake Toppers

Lesbian Cake Toppers

The bride is a police officer and wearing a white dress featuring a pleated skirt. The dress is slit to show her pistol. This wedding cake topper design has a sense of humor as the bride is putting a handcuff on the arm of the groom as if she is taking the groom as a prisoner on the day of the wedding. The bride is a soccer player dressed in a USA Women’s National Soccer Team uniform. The bride also wears soccer cleats and white knee-high socks. In addition to the bride and groom figurine, there are two retriever dogs on both sides of the bride and the groom. The other dog is pulling the dress of the bride while the dog on the groom’s side is ready to play with a ball.

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